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According to IPCC estimate with 2 degree rise in temperature there is going to be
1120% increase in heatwave exposure by 2100
By 2050, coupled with intensified pressure on natural resources, the demand for food is anticipated to surge by 100-110%

World is getting hot,
So what have you thought?

Experience the transformative power of green roofs as they seamlessly regulate temperatures,

acting as nature's own climate control for your building.

These eco-friendly installations transcend traditional cooling methods, offering an

efficient, cost-effective, and visually stunning alternative.

Houses in Hallstatt

Cool your building

Plants on vertical and horizontal surfaces are able to cool cities during hot summer months and reduce the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect.

Low Calorie Salad

Chemical free food

Food is medicine if only grown chemicals and toxin free. Grow your own is the best solution 

Image by Artem Beliaikin

Save energy bills

Green roofs can cut down building electricity consumption by 2%–6% especially for summer cooling by maintaining temperature

Image by Juanma Clemente-Alloza

Enhance Biodiversity

Your roof garden can attract birds and other wildlife and help creating a thriving eco-friendly habitat.

Rain Cloud

Manage Storm water

Green roof may retain around

10–60% of the total rainfall runoff

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Buy Portable Farms to
Green your Roof

Portable soilfree planters on rooftop is one of the best

climate risk mitigation tool you can adopt to bring

nature based solution that can turn your life,

building and cities healthy and sustainable  !

6 Benefits Why you should
buy now


Soil-less planters backed by 10 years of research to

green your roof 


Chemical-free, Pesticide-free food on your plate 



Salads and daily healthy curries from your garden, with ZERO efforts !


Portable farms means fold and carry as you travel


Drip irrigation with water timer and no water leakage issues


Hasslefree and cheaper to grow with soiless, green medium

Beware.... if you had Veggies/fruits from market today. Watch  Videos

There is 13% increase in number of cancer patients in India

"When vegetable is natural, it is medicine actual."

Grow organic /pesticide free (while building a green roof) 

We invite you  

to become part of the solution starting from your home

Solution to Waste Problem

Direct all organic waste to your roof garden, not to landfills

Solution to
global warming

Your roof garden can help to reduce your building's and lifestyle carbon emissions.

Solution to
biodiversity loss

Your roof garden can attract birds , butterflies, bees and help creating a thriving eco-friendly habitat for wildlife.

Solution to limited water

Avoid any water wastages by a digital timer, based on an annual water management chart

Solution to

pesticide usage 

Manage with Organic foliar sprays and root applications, for pest/disease/nutrient management of veg plants

Solution to

mental health crisis

My rooftop garden enhance my family's, friends, neigbours mental health by giving them nature connect

How green roofs helping you in cities

 ✅ Bring down AC bills
✅Manage Stormwater runoff 
✅Fight micro nutrient deficiency
✅Enhance biodiversity
✅Positive interactions with community
✅ Harvest fruits for body and mind : Mental peace & joy

My roof is cultivating a
greener tomorrow   

Rupali, Mother

“ Earlier my terrace only had a sofa and chair. But after having plants around I started feeling life in that space. It feels like having beings there. And that invited my family also to start enjoying the terrace more than before.”

Rama, Professional

“During pandemic, i never got infection may be because i was  using a lot of home remedies from my garden and garden kept me occupied too mentally”

Nupur, Mother

I am into natural medicine  There are several herbs and parts that can be used in garnishing, and making food items other than commonly known coriander. When you are lonely, depressed you know sitting in your garden balcony many people says help them. And its not only oxygen that helps there is this whole energy connect that works beautifully.”

Living Greens Happy Clients 

Living greens happily served several brands  to become sustainable and green

with portable planters

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Irrigation kit – 


225 vermicompost 

3 organic spray

5 Free visits

55 kg cocopeat

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This can be your home !

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Talk to us and find how your empty roof can become a climate mitigation tool with return on  investment more than fixed deposits in banks 

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